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About us

Company Profile

We offer a quality watch manufacturing service, from design development to sampling, production, and delivery. We target markets from established Microbrands to Kickstarters, Indiegogo and gofundme campaigns.


We are capable of creating watches with both Mechanical and Quartz movements, as well as being able to create different styles, such as; Diver, Pilot, Slim, Classic, and Ladies fashion. Our strengths lie in case quality, new construction, and superluminova application.


With the rise of crowdfunding campaigns, more audiences would like to convert their dreams into reality. We are working with many new-comers to the watch industry and we do all that we can to help and inspire more watch knowledge. Newcomers are always welcome and motivate us to continue to build the highest quality timepieces available.


When it comes to production, we offer many different materials. These include; Stainless Steel (316l, 304l), Exotic Steel, Brass, Alloy, Bronze, CuSn6-8, Forged Carbon Fiber, Carbonate Plastic, PC Plastic, Ceramic, Aluminium. We also offer specific parts such as; Sapphire Bezel Inserts, Helium Valves, and Viton Gaskets.


Company Structure


Marketing & Sales



R&D Team -

Designers & Engineers



Quality Control

Why Choose Me

Only two ways to survive: Q&C (Quality & communication)

Quality is the only way to survive nowadays. Information is now opened & everything is being put onto social media. Consumers are now much demanding & understanding about quality.


Quality control system: Direct reporting QC guys for ensuring the quality.

Workflow: Parts arrival from different factories -> IQC -> Assembling -> IPQC -> Water Test -> IPQC2 -> FQC -> FQC2 -> Delivery


Communication is the key to success. We do like a very close contacting & idea exchanging with all clients. It could help to understand each other and ensure we have a mutual idea of the product aspect.

All communication devices: Email (main confirmation & details agreement)

Whatsapp/Wechat/Line/Skype/Tencent QQ

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